Commercial Cleaning (Sanitizing)


We specialize in commercial cleaning services across a broad range of industries including retail, healthcare, real estate, offices, schools, and government buildings. Healthy office cleaning has a positive effect on workers. Work is a place of creativity and success.

If a work facility is not hygienically or properly cleaned, anyone who enters the facility will be left with a negative impression. It also seeks to preserve a safe and secure working atmosphere for both staff and business customers. Our commercial cleaners are well trained to provide you the best results. They work with specialized equipment to avoid the production and infection of bacteria and to protect workers and customers. Our team works hard to remove toxins from your office. Our emphasis remains always on improving methods for a safe working environment.

Cleaning services tailored to your specific needs

If you are looking for commercial cleaning services, but your office space is full of allergens, dirt and bacteria, then contact us. We provide the best commercial cleaning service in your town. Our professional cleaners are always ready to help you in a better way. We use high-quality equipment to eliminate the risk of germs and toxins from your office. Get in touch today for a quote! We are a professional commercial cleaning services company with years of experience in serving offices and businesses alike. Our team of highly skilled and trained technicians follow efficient cleaning methods which allow them to clean your offices multiple times a day without disrupting your work. We specialize in providing high-quality commercial cleaning services to businesses, banks, schools, daycare centers, medical offices, warehouses and more. We make sure that our experienced technicians pay close attention to detail while delivering the best possible service using eco-friendly products.

Commercial office cleaning experts

Let the commercial office cleaning experts manage your workplace maintenance and janitorial services in Kelowna, BC. Our team of professional cleaners will ensure that your facility is spotless, sanitary and safe for all employees to work in.

Weekly and monthly janitorial cleaning

We offer premier office cleaning and janitorial services for commercial clients in Kelowna, BC. Our comprehensive services range from weekly janitorial cleaning to monthly deep steam cleaning with customized schedules to suit your business’ needs.

Professional janitorial services

Whether you need routine or janitorial cleaning for your office, our Kelowna commercial cleaning team will be there for you. We provide a wide range of professional janitorial services that are highly customized for your business.


Commercial buildings and office Cleaning

We are a full service Janitorial Cleaning Company and building maintenance company. We specialize in commercial cleaning work for commercial buildings and offices.

End-to-end cleaning solutions

Offering end-to-end commercial cleaning services, we have been serving businesses in and around the Kelowna area for over 14 years. Whether you’re looking for daily cleaning or a one-time job, we are here to help.

Janitorial services and Commerical cleaning in Kelowna, BC

We are a local Kelowna office cleaning company that provides customized janitorial services and commercial cleaning in Kelowna, BC. Our professional teams go above and beyond to ensure your building is clean, tidy, safe and organized. We specialize in commercial cleaning and janitorial work for commercial buildings and offices.

Commercial Cleaning
We offer customized cleaning services and schedules based on what you need and how often you need it.

Higher Productivity

Many studies have been carried out that show that cleaner workplace lead to happier, more efficient workers. If you found your workers sluggish, the most successful approach could be so easy as to improve your place by hiring our cleaners.


Technology – driven Green Office cleaning

We make use of the latest cleaning technologies and choose environmentally friendly products where possible. Not only having a cleaner office when you hire Super Spotless Building Maintenance Inc. You are reducing the environmental effects. At the same time, you have a cleaner office and a healthier climate.

We Serve 100+ Companies in BC, Some Of Our Clients Include:

We have Okanagan’s best team of cleaners who provide technology-driven commercial cleaning.

With over 14 years of commercial cleaning industry experience in janitorial services, we are committed to delivering economical, high quality, and dependable services to the private and public sectors.