Advanced Technology

Customer Portal Login

The customer portal is used to maintain documented communication with our clients. The following features are available through the web site portal.

Review Inspections:

The Inspection page of the portal provides our customers with access to inspections made at their sites. Our customers can view their inspectors’ ratings and reports.


The feedback page on the portal acts as a support request and enables the customer to send us their satisfaction level and response.

Service Request:

Clients can request services through the portal. This allows the requested task to be reported and monitored.

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Customer Mobile App

This app can be used to communicate with us. Messages between us and our clients, which provide the opportunity to take photographs and messages for cleaning problems and other issues. The following features are available via the mobile app for customers. You can find these apps on Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


This feature enables customers to submit images without hassle to our portal. It allows us to quickly check the images and take prompt action.


You can easily connect with our customer support team accessible 24/7. It helps us to fix the problems promptly.

Employee Mobile App

Our correspondence to all our employees is documented, comprehensive messages to us. Our employees use the app to provide high standards of communication. The following features can be accessed through the mobile app.

GPS employee clock in and clock out tracking hours:

The GPS-Tracking feature of our employee mobile app helps us track our employees at any given location.

Cleaning instructions:

This feature helps us to quickly give our workers cleaning instructions.

Cleaning Check list:

The employee mobile app has interactive cleaning checklists so that our employees never forget to leave any cleaning task.

Text communications:

The employee mobile app has messaging functionality to communicate with the employees.


The employee mobile app has all updated schedules so that our employees can reach your location without any delay.

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We have Okanagan’s best team of cleaners who provide technology-driven commercial cleaning.

With over 14 years of commercial cleaning industry experience in janitorial services, we are committed to delivering economical, high quality, and dependable services to the private and public sectors.