About Us

About Us

We are committed to providing competitive, high-quality, and comprehensive services to businesses with over 14 years of commercial cleaning industry experience. Super Spotless Building Maintenance is fully bonded, insured, and complies with the B.C. Employment Standards Act and all WCB rules and regulations.

We have built our company on the principles of honesty, reliability, and quality, serving businesses across British Columbia. We customize our cleaning services and schedule based on what you need and how often you need it.

We aim to provide the highest quality experience with regards to our cleaning and customer service. Taking a leading role in advancing the cleaning service sector forward by exhibiting interest, committing to exploration, and evolution.

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For our staff, clients, and the environment, responsibility of care.


Taking a leading role in advancing the cleaning service sector forward.


Be punctual and consistent, so that our staff, our customers, and our business are dedicated.


Exhibiting interest, committing to exploration, and evolution.

Super Spotless Building Maintenance Inc.

Our Vision

We believe everyone has the right to live and work in a safe and healthy environment. We think it’s necessary to take care of individuals.

As a reputable company, we meet all the expectations of our customers. By offering reliable service and reducing the operating expenses, we believe in keeping our customers satisfied.


Our staff believes in the professionalism and deliver high quality personalized services to our clients.


Super Spotless Building Maintenance is 100% owned by Canadians, specializing in commercial cleaning services across a variety of industries


We have built our company on the principles of honesty, reliability, and quality, serving businesses across British Columbia.

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We offer highly experienced cleaning staff for our clients. For us, our quality standard counts! And we know that the consistency of our services comes from our professional employees! We ensure that our cleaning services offer the best cleaning experience that you will ever get.


  • Staff members are trained and certified by WHMIS and BSW.
  • Trained to read MSDS sheets before using any products.
  • Company uniforms and employee’s ID.
  • Staff undergoes RCMP Criminal Record Checks.
  • Stay connected with the supervisor through our mobile app.
Our cleaning staff is qualified to clean any property size. Learn More


Building Service Certificate

Complete Commercial Cleaning, Disinfecting, sanitizing, floor care, and Special area cleaning training as Offices, Retail Stores, School Districts, Hospitals, and Government Facilities


WHMIS Certification

Key elements are the labeling of containers, the provision of material safety data sheets (MSDSs), and worker training programs.


First Aid, & CPR Certified

Employees trained in first aid & CPR understand the steps to take during an emergency, increased confidence, preparation, and work workplace Safety.

Green Business Certificate

Super Spotless Building maintenance’s green business certified by the Green Business Bureau. We always use carefully chosen cleaning products that are not harmful and environmentally friendly.

Super Spotless Building Maintenance inc.

Advanced Technology

Our technology portals help our team with their daily and routine tasks, every day, whenever these tasks are needed. Intended to enhance the delivery of service, so no job is forgotten. Our customers are provided with a customer portal tool and mobile app to log in and help us maintain our quality control program.

Customer Portal Login

The customer portal is used to maintain documented communication with our clients to review inspections, service requests and receive feedback

Customer Mobile App

This app can be used to communicate with us. Messages between us and our clients, which provide the opportunity to take photographs and messages for cleaning problems and other issues. You can find these apps on Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Employee Mobile App

Our correspondence to all our employees is documented, comprehensive messages to us. Our employees use the app to provide high standards of communication.

We Serve 100+ Companies in BC, Some Of Our Clients Include: